Those Who Led the Path – Mentors at Project Aipan

Ms. Mrinal Pande – Senior Journalist

In December 2014, members at ENACTUS IPCW met with Ms. Mrinal Pande, former chairman of Prasar Bharti. Host to the interview show ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’ on Lok Sabha TV, Ms. Pande is a renowned journalist and an author.

Being a Kumaoni herself, she has a significant body of work related to Aipan Art.

The meeting, held at the India International Center, served as the first concrete founding stone in providing the team with factual source material and information in the form of a booklet written by Ms. Lakshmi Pant – another well-known name in the field of Aipan art. The session was inclusive of detailed discussions on the book along with Ms. Pande’s experience of growing up as a young Kumaoni girl and her encounters with Aipan.

Mr. Pratyush PushkarFounder, Delhi Art Foundation

Mr. Pratyush Pushkar is the founder and director at Delhi Art Foundation(DAF), an organization that features and supports a bank of artists who move towards the common goal of securing popularity of their art from people who admire it in its entirety, and who promote its evolution.

A graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mr. Pushkar has also worked as a photojournalist and is an enthusiastic poet and photographer.

The team met with Mr. Pushkar in the college premises in April, 2015. The meeting was held in the college campus as an effort to garner collaboration with DAF for Project Aipan packed with a mentoring session by him. With over twelve years of experience under his belt, Mr. Pushkar introduced the team to myriad possibilities which not only complemented the essence of the project but also dispelled any residual queries the team had about the project.


Ms. Shuchi Soin – Enactus India’s Program Manager 

shuchi soin

Ms. Shuchi Soin has been a constant source of guidance for the team.

As the Program Manager (North and East) at Enactus India, she manages, evaluates, and fosters the progress of active Enactus teams in the territory to help teams and faculty to continuously improve the quality and size of their program.

From identifying areas of improvement to playing an active role in organization, planning and execution of all related events including Training Conferences and the National Exposition, Ms. Soin provides immense support to the team’s activities.


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