The Aipan Journal

Call it co-incidence,
Call it a test.
The undeterred will,
Brought sweet success.

“Faith can move mountains.” and 11th of July, 2015 was no less than climbing Mt. Everest for Enactus IPCW.
With the support of Mr. Kapil Mishra, Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, NCT, the team put up a stall at Dilli Haat, the cultural hub of Delhi. Months’ hard-work went by in making 50 products by the Kumaoni women living in Timarpur, Delhi. Their magical wands as tiny paint brushes could surely infuse their love and passion to revive the dying art form, Aipan.

We can’t be more proud to announce that the incessant rains could not dampen our spirits but only made us stronger.

Photo by - Sabhyata Badhwar

Photo by – Sabhyata Badhwar

A sense of achievement was deeply felt when we were drenched, not by the rains but by the joy of having sold all the products at the end of…

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